Equipment & Quality Control

We have a quality control system and have the tools in our factories to meet customer requirements. and customers satisfaction

LAB Test Sand

LAB Elemental Chemistry Analysis of Metals


We pay attention to every step of the production process with modern operating rooms such as Chemical composition analysis room , Sand properties Testing room , Mechanical properties Testing room , Microstructure analysis and inspection equipment dimension that fully guarantee the quality of work that the customer required

1. Chemical Composition Testing

2. Sand Properties Testing

Laboratory sand test properties Consists of the following monitoring tools

1. Moisture Tester
2. Green Compressive Strength Tester
3. Peameability Tester
4. Compactability Tester
5. Active clay, Total Clay, VCM., LOI.

3. Mechanical Properties Testing

Univeral Tensile Strength Machine

Laboratory of mechanical properties testing Consists of the following monitoring tools

1. Universal Tensile Strength machine Using tensile testing and stretch and using bending test for testing

2. Hardness Tester

4. Microstructure Anlysis

Laboratory for structural examination and analysis

1. Metallurgical Microscope Use for checking comma structure

2. Image Analyzer Software Using for analysis comma structure and analysis with both FC , FCD.

5. Dimension Inspection

Dimension tool in different types. We are able to measure all scale as customer wants